Friday, April 2, 2010

"You're A Good Man, Scott Brown"

Because every member of Congress deserves their own musical, Bostons' Improv Asylum came up with this little musical, "You're a Good Man, Scott Brown."

You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown from Improv Asylum on Vimeo.

He was spotted in Boston on Wednesday, enjoying his Congressional recess at a showing of “You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown.” The Senator met the Senator Wednesday night, when the real-life Republican lawmaker met Evan Kaufman, the actor who plays him in the Improv Asylum musical. Senator Brown and his wife, reporter Gail Huff, enjoyed a good laugh – all at his expense. Brown was asked to appear on stage in a walk-on role at the end of the first act, but the former model-turned lawyer-turned pol took a pass.
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