Monday, April 19, 2010

VP Biden on "The View"

I'm sure television history will be made this Thursday. Here's the ABC press release.

"Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, executive producers of The View, announced today that Joseph R. Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, will be the show’s featured guest -- live -- Thursday, April 22nd. The Vice President's appearance is part of our “Red, White & View” campaign, continuing our commitment to political guests and discussions. Vice President Biden previously appeared as a guest on The View on September 24, 2007 (as a senator) while promoting his book Promises To Keep: On Life and Politics.

At age 29, Vice President Biden became one of the youngest people ever elected to the United States Senate. Tragedy struck the Biden family just weeks after the election when his wife Neilia and their one-year old daughter Naomi were killed -- and their two sons critically injured -- in an auto accident. Vice President Biden was sworn in to the U.S. Senate at his sons’ hospital bedside. He remarried in 1977 and has three children. He served as a senator from Delaware for 36 years, 17 years as Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was Chairman or Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As the 47th Vice President of the United States, he continues his leadership on important issues facing our nation.

In 2008-09, our five spirited hosts left an indelible mark on the political landscape. Whether discussing the day’s political headlines -- from the war in Iraq to universal healthcare and teen pregnancy, from the latest musings from our nation’s capitol to political infidelities -- the outspoken hosts can always be relied on for their unique opinions, quick wit, and for sparking the kind of colorful water cooler conversations that can only be seen on The View. In September 2008, the show launched a highly successful “Red, White & View” campaign highlighting interviews and informational segments that helped promote civic responsibility during the election season. The “Red, White & View” campaign is another example of how The View has established itself as an important player in the political process.

Tune in Thursday, April 22nd to see Vice President Biden join the co-hosts live!"
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