Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Latest Obama Conspiracy Theory

As you heard earlier this week, on Saturday morning, President Obama managed to ditch the press who typically accompany him when he leaves the White House, to catch his daughter’s soccer game. Apparently, this has turned into some kind of conspiracy theory in the blogosphere--Soccer-dad-gate. Cat Corben at the American Thinker wrote a post speculating that the President lied about his actual whereabouts this past Saturday citing his own investigative journalism efforts. He claims Sidwell Friends had no soccer game scheduled at that time on April 10th, the area is crime-ridden, and threw in some Google Map analyses to further inflate his argument. The story’s been picked up by Hot Air, the Daily Mail’s Don Surber, and Rush Limbaugh. ABC’s Jake Tapper, and CBS’ Mark Knoller took to their respective blogs and Twitter accounts to debunk the myth.

Photo Courtesy of the White House Flicker Feed/Pete Souza
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