Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shatner for Governor General!

Facebook is great for a lot of different things: reconnecting with old friends, networking, matching people with like interests. But can it get someone appointed to a political position? It's been used in political campaigns like crazy, but not political appointments. One fan of William Shatner is hoping that the Facebook page he created will score the master thespian the role of Governor General of Canada. The page asks that Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, nominate him when the current Governor General’s term expires. The page reads, “The Governor General’s position is largely ceremonial and I can think of no Canadian who would possibly make the most of those grandiose moments as the great William Shatner.” Popwatch says so far, William Shatner has just joked about the campaign on Twitter saying “I believe Governor General means you govern the generals. Does that make me part of the army?”

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