Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kal Penn Robbed

Yesterday, Kalpen Modi, better known as Kumar of Harold and Kumar fame, was robbed at gunpoint here in Washington, DC. Walking in the Northwest neighborhood of Dupont Circle, Penn was robbed at gunpoint at 1:20am ET on Tuesday. The Obama administration staffer escaped unharmed, but minus his wallet. TMZ says that in addition to DC police investigating the incident, the Secret Service is now on the case.

From TMZ: Turns out, the bad guy didn't just take Penn's wallet, the perp also made off with Kal's two cell phones -- one of which belongs to the U.S. government--and since the crook took Kal's government issued cell, the Secret Service is now joining with the D.C. Metro Police Department to hunt for the bad guy.

Looks like he may have picked just the right time to bid adieu to the White House for the safety of Los Angeles. He’s rumored to be leaving his post at the Office of Public Engagment to begin filming a Harold and Kumar Christmas-themed flick.
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