Monday, April 26, 2010

Can a Milkshake Cause an Earthquake?

Oh the things I come across on the internet....

You may see women dressing a bit more provocatively today and it might be because they're trying to cause an earthquake with their cleavage--really. Last week, after an Iranian cleric cited "loose women" as the reason for earthquakes and other natural disasters, a Purdue University student thought it might be fun to test the theory. Jen McReight, a self-described "liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist trapped in Indiana," and her cause, "Boobquake," is one of the top trending topics worldwide on Twitter and has amassed a Facebook following of about 195,000 people, with hundreds of thousands pledged to help the effort.

"Seriously, internet, you scare and amaze me sometimes," McReight quipped on her blog,

McReight posted a somewhat tongue-in-cheek message on the blog, saying that she would "wear the most cleavage-showing shirt" she owns and asked "female skeptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts," not thinking the post would be taken literally or take off like it has.

The "epicenter" of the Boobquake protest was set for 1 p.m. at the Bell Tower on Purdue's campus or in Memorial Union in the event of rain.

I guess we'll see if the ground starts shaking...
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