Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exclusive POTUS Audio

The Washington Post's Michael Shear was traveling with the President yesterday:
President Obama made a rare visit to the back of Air Force One on Wednesday night for a brief chat with reporters -- the kind of access that his press corps has been grumbling has been too infrequent in his White House.

Obama -- or POTUS, the commonly used acronym for "President of the United States" -- held an impromptu gaggle in the back of the modified Boeing 757 that the media have dubbed "Baby AF1" as the presidential entourage headed back to Andrews Air Force Base from a two-day Midwest trip.

It was loud, and hard to hear, according to the handful of reporters on the plane. But the president fielded a half-dozen questions in the 11-minute exchange above the clouds.

POTUS has the audio from yesterday's gaggle on AF1:

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