Thursday, April 15, 2010

Palin's Rider

We found out that since resigning as Governor last July, Sarah Palin has raked in more than $12 million. Well thanks to some dumpster diving students at Cal State, we’ve also discovered that there are certain contractual demands the former Gov. needs—like big jets and bendy straws. ABC’s blogging, “Six pages of the contract Palin's handlers sent to Cal State were unearthed in a dumpster by students there this week, and one of the many requirements that must be met for the former vice presidential hopeful: two unopened bottles of still water and "bendable straws" must be waiting on a wooden lectern. More costly were the requirement for her travel—first class airfare or a Lear 60 jet.” She's no J Lo or Mariah Carey, but here's the link to the full rider.

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