Thursday, April 8, 2010

Odd News of the Day

Via the UK Daily Mail:
The experienced motorist will have seen a multitude of road signs warning of children crossing, elderly pedestrians and wildlife.

But the one to the right would surely prompt a second glance.

Some might say that the image of a well-endowed woman in mini-skirt and high heels is, in itself, a hazard.

Giovanni Azzolini, mayor of Mogliano in the Italian province of Treviso, however is determined to use every means to fight the growing number of prostitutes – often transsexuals – who line the streets at night.

‘I will not leave any citizen alone to combat this phenomenon, which has by now surpassed any level of tolerability,’ he said.

He added that some motorists were having accidents after being distracted by scantily-dressed hookers.

In addition to the signs, police patrols are being stepped up. Both prostitutes and their customers face large fines if caught.
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