Thursday, April 22, 2010

GEICO Voice Fired For Insulting Tea Partiers

The voice actor behind GEICO’s insurance commercials was let go on Wednesday for insulting the Tea Party Movement. I’m sure you’re familiar with those GEICO commercials. No, not the ones with the Gecko—and I’m not talking about those cavemen either. The one where James Lipton, Mrs. Butterworth, and Joan Rivers re-enact customer claims.

Actor Lance Baxter, left a voicemail last month for FreedomWorks in which he asked the group what percentage of it's participants were "mentally retarded" and what FreedomWorks planned to do when a tea partyer "killed someone." On April 14, FreedomWorks put his voicemail online, as well as their response to it. Yesterday, the actor said he’d been dropped from Geico's campaign and says he's "open to any attorneys taking on this case pro bono."

Lance Baxter is the vocie behind these ads:

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