Monday, April 26, 2010

Blago Gets Inspirational

Following up on last week’s attempt to subpoena the President, former Illinois Governor and sound byte machine, Rod Blagojevich, is taking the high road this week—making a cameo appearance as a motivational speaker. And he wasn’t speaking with just anyone, he was at Holy Nazarene Baptist church in Oak Lawn, Illinos over the weekend at an inspirational talk given by Elvis Presley’s stepbrother, Rick Stanley. Mediate’s blogging, “Presley’s stepbrother is a motivational speaker and author who gave two talks on “being thrust into Graceland as one of three of Presley’s stepbrothers after Presley’s father remarried.” Pastor Jeff Grindle said“[Blagojevich] is probably the most well-known Elvis fan there is in Chicago, and I thought he would enjoy meeting Rick and hearing what he had say. I also wanted the governor to know that I was praying for him and he had a friend here.”

Now for your viewing pleasure...Blagojevich impersonating Elvis.

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