Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fatties for Congress

You always hear about lawmakers on the Hill trying to trim the fat from bills, but lately pols are trying to trim their waistlines as well. From Congressman Paul Ryan’s P90X workouts in the House gym to Congressman John Sullivan’s Crossfit competitions, pols are trying to get toned in hopes of getting reelected. ABC’s writing, “Historians say that television -- and perhaps now the visual power of the Internet -- have made looks all the more important in political campaigns. "We often say that Abraham Lincoln couldn't get elected today not because he isn't as brilliant as he was 150 years ago, but he was not a very handsome figure.” So as these porky politicians hit the gym, will a decrease in weight increase the votes?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie beat out incumbent Jon Corzine despite taking criticism for his girth.

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