Friday, April 2, 2010

More Trouble for the RNC

Talk about a hard week for the Republican National Committee. First it was the Voyeur nightclub debacle. Now, a mailer that directs supporters to a sex chat line!

The organization sent out a fundraising mailer resembling a Census form that included a phone number leading those who called to a phone-sex line offering "live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl who will do anything you want for just $2.99 per minute." The RNC said the situation arose because the vendor who made the mailer mistakenly used the 1-800 prefix instead of the correct 202 prefix. CBS says, “The phone sex line was only discovered, in fact, because one of the recipients called to complain that its fundraising solicitation looked like a government document."

Here's the audio from the call...for mature audiences only:

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