Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Twitter War with Michele Bachmann

Speaking of apologies, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann would like one from Newsweek’s Andrew Romano. The writer/blogger was assigned to follow the Minnesota Congresswoman for a couple of days and live-Tweet the experience—and let’s just say that the Congresswoman and her office were not happy with the result. "I sounded, in other words, like a kneejerk Bachmann hater," Romano writes. "But that wasn't really the case….I was simply doing what Twitter demanded: being pithy and provocative." Daily Intel’s blogging, “That's not exactly how Bachmann's team saw it — shortly before Romano was scheduled to sit down with her for a face-to-face interview, they canceled it and would not reschedule. "That says as much about Bachmann as anything I observed on the road," he writes. "What Twitter revealed about Bachmann is that she's not democratic enough for Twitter or the new era it embodies."
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