Friday, May 21, 2010

Rick Bayless Isn't Over It

Celebrity chef and tweet-machine, Rick Bayless, is still sore about a blog Lynn Sweet wrote earlier this week. Bayless thought Sweet was implying he broke White House protocol by tweeting from the White House kitchen. Sweet said, "To clarify: Bayless tweeted about the upcoming dinner and about the White House kitchen, but not from the White House kitchen. My apologies."

But just to be sure, Bayless was on Twitter yesterday delivering his side of the story. A very lengthy story at that....Bayless says:

“All made up rumors of my WH Twitter posting have become tiresome. Wanna know the truth? Here goes (not nearly as titilllating as the rumors)"

“Truth 1 I fully understood going into the WH that I wouldn't be posting on Twitter (words or pics) bc of security & respect 4 privacy"

"Truth 2: I never posted anything from the WH. I took pics for myself (as did everyone) but would never post them unless the WH ok'd them."

Ok Rick...we get it...your feelings are hurt. Now, step away from your Twitter account and make some more mole sauce.
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