Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buzz Aldrin Wrestles with Overexposure

When last season’s cast of “Dancing with the Stars” was announced, I was surprised to see Buzz Aldrin among the contestants, so you can imagine my reaction to seeing a promo touting his upcoming spot on Raw? That’s right, Aldrin joined the ranks of former WWE Raw guest hosts Snoop Dogg, Bob Barker, Mini Me, and Flavor Flav last night where he played the role of a WWE fan and riled up a rowdy crowd—to little effect. Gather.com’s blogging the astronaut was poorly received last night. “At one point, Aldrin stumbled to find his words, and later in the ring he pretended to be a WWE fan. Buzz even introduced a match, although his voice was drowned out by the wrestler's theme music. He also attempted to talk about the space program to Canadian fans, and talk of how Canada helped with it. It just wasn't working.”

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