Monday, May 10, 2010

Spill Here, Spill Now

Firedoglake is taking on President Obama and the administration's plan to increase offshore drilling. Liberal activist Jane Hamsher is using her blog to raise money so she can get wider exposure for this ad, "Spill Here, Spill Now":

In the press release, Hamsher writes, "After slamming John McCain's support for offshore oil drilling as a 'gimmick' on the 2008 campaign trail, now President Obama plans to double down on that gimmick in the face of the biggest environmental disaster in at least a generation," Hamsher said in a statement. "The BP oil disaster should be a wake up call to take offshore drilling off the table."

The ad is running on Washington, DC cable, but Hamsher hopes to increase the viewing area after getting more donations.
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