Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Salahis to White House: Apologize to Us

Tim Farley asked me earlier if the White House party crashers might make an appearance at tonight’s State Dinner. Well, they may not have gotten an invitation—again—however, they are using their dwindling minutes of fame to ask the White House for an apology. In an interview with Radar Online sat down with the couple recently, where they still insisted they were invited by a contact in the Pentagon, said, "It would be nice if somebody apologized to us." Referring to their defunct winery, they continue, "Even if they weren't on the list at Oasis, you would find a spot for them," Michaele Salahi said to her husband. "Or you would check the list and say, 'Oh, you're not on the list, could I give you a bottle of wine and send you home?' The American way is to love people."

Good luck with getting that apology from the White House. I'm sure they're just dying to get back into the Salahi's good graces....

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