Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where In the World is Joe Biden?

Does Joe Biden get the short end of the stick sometimes? Today, he's in Saginaw, Michigan:
On Tuesday, February 16, Vice President Biden will travel to Saginaw, Michigan, to discuss how Recovery Act investments are improving communities and creating jobs in Saginaw and across the state of Michigan. At 11:45 AM EST, the Vice President will be joined by Administrator of the Small Business Administration Karen Mills and Senator Carl Levin to deliver remarks at Delta College.
Sure it's not glamorous, but he did get to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia for the Olympics. He led the American delegation and seemed genuinely excited about the opportunity. But over the past year he's been in office, the administration has sent him to some less than desirable locales. In April, he traveled to Middleton, PA and in December he went to an East Hartford Fire Department in Connecticut. But that's his job. He's spearheading the Recovery.gov effort and oversees the Middle Class Task Force. He's got to get his hands dirty sometimes.
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