Friday, February 5, 2010

Senator Zoolander

Scott Brown is no longer Senator-elect. As of yesterday, he is the full-fledged Senator from Massachusetts. With all the official business out of the way, let the Capitol Hill hazing begin. Politico’s blogging that Senator Brown already has a nickname in honor of his past modeling days—Senator Zoolander. A few days ago, the Boston Herald interviewed some of Senator Brown’s old modeling colleagues to see who the real Scott Brown is. Not only has the article become one of the most emailed among Democratic press secretaries. But one quote in particular from the piece was the quote of the week. Politico says, “Democratic press secretaries had a field day with a quote from a former modeling cohort of Brown’s: “fellow model Jake Tedaldi remembers him as ‘a little full of himself.’” Read more at Politico’s Click.

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