Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sen. Grassley Gets Down

Turns out Senator Chuck Grassley knows how to have a good time. He boogied down with Iowa's Channel 13 meteorologist, Jerrian Ritter, at WHO Radio's Van and Bonnie's Chocolate Breakfast. According to Sentaor Grassley, the breakfast is some kind of local tradition. "“I don’t usually eat chocolate for breakfast but this is such a tradition I thought I’d come and enjoy with everybody else. It happened there’s no votes today … I got back early and thought I’d partake of this.”

Politico’s blogging, “The reporter then asked him to participate in their weekly Happy Friday Dance — and the senator obliged. (This consists of Grassley kind of jumping up and down –But, hey, the enthusiasm is what counts.) When asked about his dancing abilities, the senator told POLITICO through a spokeswoman: "When you're in the minority, you aren't in control." (Nice Janet Jackson reference Sen. Grassley and staff!)

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