Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Blair House Project

Instead of the "Blair Witch Project"...get it?

Today is the day of the long awaited health care summit at Blair House. The event, billed as a bipartisan effort to find common ground on health care reform, is scheduled to get underway a little later this morning, but the National Republican Campaign Committee is clearly skeptical of the summit. Yesterday, the NRCC released an ad in advance of today’s meeting—entitled “The Blair House Project.” Their web site says, “After years of shutting Republicans out of the legislative process, one photo-op will not erase the American people’s memory of Nancy Pelosi’s closed-door Congress.” We're having Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), chairman of the NRCC, on The Morning Briefing in a little while. Hopefully we'll get some answers regarding the ad...
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