Friday, February 5, 2010

Rush the Musical! Falls Short

From the Chicago Tribune's In the Loop: "It tells that tale and fires off a few choice zingers that give the crowd some laughs. But at this juncture, at least, this uncertain show can't compete with the outsize personality of the object of its satire. " And The Daily Beast:" But Second City's latest stab at politics, Rush Limbaugh! The Musical, is a great huffing swing and a miss. I was willing to give it a chance at the witless announcement that "the liberal media machine" demands the audience turn off its cell phones, and that smoking was not allowed "unless you're burning a copy of The Audacity of Hope." But I knew we were in trouble from the opening lyrics, sung appropriately enough to "Spirit of the Radio" by, yes, Rush: "Begin the day with a friendly voice..."

And I had such high hopes for the show too! Rod Blagojevich: Superstar and Barack Stars (both Second City productions) we absolutely hilarious!
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