Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Captain America Not a Fan of Tea Parties

A classic comic icon has come out against the Tea Party Movement. Marvel Comic’s Captain America apparently is not a fan of the Tea Party Revolution—in fact, he calls the participants 'dangerous' and 'racist.' The Star Spangled Avenger has been brought back to life by Marvel (they killed him off in earlier editions), with the most recent issue, titled “Two Americas.” And the comic touches on some pretty current events--including a group of people protesting the current President’s socialist regime, a tea party, and references to a character called Obama. In short, the current Captain is on the trail of a 'faux' Captain America that is mentally deranged and getting chummy with some anti-government, survivalists types, aka “the Watchdogs.” Captain America infiltrates the group during an anti-tax protest. The scene shows crowds of people in city streets carrying signs that say, “stop the socialists,” “tea bag libs before they tea bag you,” and “no to new taxes.” Tune in next time to see what happens to Captaion America! (Or read more at the Fox Nation.com and PublisForum.com).

For those of you comic nerd who want to read the actual issue, it's Captain America #602.
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