Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sen. Leahy Hits the Sauce?!

There's a video circulating on the web suggesting that Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy was drunk while delivering a speech on the floor of the Senate last week. 7 days is blogging, "Mark Levin, a conservative yakker based out of New York City, made the claims on his Friday program. His proof? That Leahy appeared to be slurring his speech." A number of different blogs have embedded Sen. Leahy's statement on the floor. The video's gotten more than 10,000 views on CSPAN's web site--over 19,000 views on YouTube and more than 600 views on the senator's website over the weekend. David Carle, a spokesman for the Senator called Levin's implication "ridiculous as it is patently false." In December, a video circulating under the title Democrat Max Baucus Drunk on Senate floor also went viral. Sen. Baucus denied the claim calling it a "smear campaign." is now tracking vidoes that make such claims. Read more at The Blurt.

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