Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spike Lee's 2012 Election Prediction

Photo Credit: EOnline.com
Despite fundraising for President Obama, Spike Lee is predicting a "tooth and nail," "nasty" race to the White House. On President Obama, he told New York Magazine, "I support him; my wife and I gave a benefit for him at our house. But I think this election is going to be close. Bottom line, there are many people in America who look at themselves and say, "Am I better now than I was before?"" As for Mitt Romney, he spoke of how the two met a few years ago, "I met him in an airport, Reagan National Airport, and we said hello. It was, like, two, three years ago. I was just in D.C. and he was there and he said, "What's up, Spike?" and I said, "What's happening, Mitt?" We were in line getting something to eat." More from NYMag's Vulture.
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