Wednesday, July 11, 2012

C-SPAN CEO visits gravesite of every US President

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C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb has visited every single gravesite of the country’s commanders in chief. “I had interviewed Richard Norton Smith, the historian, and in the interview he told me he had been to every gravesite. And it just intrigued me, so I thought I’d do it,” Lamb told The Hill. It took him 18 months to check out all the presidential final resting places when he gave the challenge a try about 15 years ago. He snapped a photo at each of the spots to prove his presence. While he says his main motivation was to learn about members of the nation’s executive branch and where they’re buried, he wasn’t done there. He wanted to one-up Smith. “I decided after I’d shown him that I had been to all the gravesites, just like he had — I went to the vice presidents’ gravesites,” Lamb laughed. More from The Hill’s In the Know.
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