Monday, July 2, 2012

A Romney Retreat

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post
What does Mitt Romney do on vacation? Compete in Romney Olympics, hold family meetings and make ice cream runs with grandkids. This weekend, Romney kicked off his annual family vacation at his lakefront home in New Hampshire, prompting the Washington Post to run a Sunday cover story titled "Mitt Romney's summer vacation full of competitive sports and family meetings." Apparently the Romney retreat is "mandatory" for his five sons, their wives and his 18 grandchildren, The Post writes, "By day, the Romneys kayak and water ski--one sport at which Mitt excels--play tennis and basketball, state a "home-run derby" and horse around on a slip-and-slide. Most of the grandchildren (there are now 18) put on a talent show on a stage that Papa, as they call Mitt, constructed in the backyard." More from the Washington Post.
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