Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama's motor coach upgrade

Photo Credit: ABC News
It has been dubbed "Ground Force One" and now has the official insignia to match its partner in the air. ABC reports, "The jet-black armored motor coach ferrying President Obama from Air Force One in Toledo, across northern Ohio and Pennsylvania, got an upgrade for its first trip of the 2012 campaign: a large colorful presidential seal emblazoned on its side. The cosmetic addition since debuting on an official presidential trip through the Midwest in August is a prominent reminder of the bus' owner (the federal government) and the authority of its top passenger (the president). One bus (presumably without a seal) will ferry Mitt Romney around the country once he becomes the nominee, officials said. After the campaign, the buses will be used by the Secret Service to transport other federal protectees as needed." More from ABC's Political Punch.
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