Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mitt Romney in Baseball Hall of Fame, well kind of...

Photo Credit:Tumblr.com

Mitt Romney has made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame—in a roundabout sort of way. NY Mag says, “Sitting in the hallowed halls of the Cooperstown museum these days is the uniform of a theatrical protest troupe called the Tax Dodgers, a "team" that debuted along with a giant Mitt at a Donald Trump fund-raiser for Romney in April. The Times reports, Inside a glass case was a white jersey with flowing blue lettering that reads the Tax Dodgers; the hat displayed a 1 percent logo.” That the Occupy group "have been included in the Hall of Fame Museum not because of their political content but because they reflect baseball’s prominent place in the national landscape." According to a curator, "It's a language we all speak." More from NYMag’s Daily Intel blog.
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