Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Congressman's deleted tweet recovered

Photo Credit: Rep. Bill Huizenga Twitter Account

For those paying close attention to the Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops site, which captures deleted tweets from the country's politicians, a particularly colorful tweet was deleted from Rep. Bill Huizenga's account on Sunday. "Zombie theme park planned for #Detroit #HellYeah," the tweet read, linking to a story about transforming a blighted section of the city into a live-action park. The congressman's communications director Brian Patrick explained to Yeas and Nays that he clicked the wrong button, and that the exuberant tweet was supposed to be sent from his personal account. "I don't think he has any comment on that," Patrick said, regarding the Michigan Republican's actual opinion on a zombie-themed park. "But I would say he would be for almost anything
that creates jobs in Michigan." More from the Examiner's Yeas and Nays blog.
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