Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Lautenberg Met Gaga

Senator Frank Lautenberg, celebrated his 86th birthday on Saturday. And what did the Senator do to mark the occasion? He and his wife Bonnie went to see no-pants wearing, pop sensation, Lady Gaga, perform at Radio City Music Hall. Not to say the Senator’s not hip, but he just doesn’t seem to fit Gaga’s typical demo. Tickets for the Grammy nominee’s Monster’s Ball sold for up to $1,000 in NYC. No word on how much the Senator's family paid to see the singer. Politico says Senator Lautenberg did not meet the performer after the show, but he did greet several constituents who spotted him. His spokesman told Politico, “Last week in Washington was like a bad romance. I wanted my birthday to be a little more fun. It was an extraordinary experience to see and hear Lady Gaga.” I guess this means I have 2 things in common with the New Jersey Senator...we were both born in Paterson, NJ and we both enjoy a little Gaga every now and again. Happy Birthday!

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