Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Barack the Baby Elephant

Cue Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk"...

WeatherProof pulled their Times Square ad of President Obama after receiving complaints from the White House. PETA is now pulling their posters with the image of the First Lady on it, but there's no shortage of gimmicks still trying to ride the coattails of the Obama name.

PETA is now asking the administration to take a stand against the Ringling Brothers circus, which last week celebrated the debut of its newest performing elephant, "Baby Barack." Mark Silva’s blogging, “PETA says circus elephants are abused. Field Entertainment, which owns the circus, says its elephants are well cared for -- and the name, Barack, is an intended honor." Ringling Brothers decided to name the elephant Barack since he was born on the eve of President Obama's inauguration. PETA has written a letter to the White House asking the administration to condemn the circus for their unethical treatment of animals.

You can read the blog at Swamp Politics and Yeas and Nays.

And now for your listening pleasure...."The Baby Elephant Walk"
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