Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Brown to Return to His Centerfold Roots

Here's an open invitation to Massachusetts Senator Elect Scott Brown from Cosmopolitan's Editor-in-Chief Kate White.
At Cosmo, our only disappointment in yesterday's Massachusetts Senate race is that we lost an opportunity to have another woman in the Senate -- there are way too few and we'd like to see more.

We don't know for sure what Scott Brown might do as the new Senator, but we do know a bit about his character from having featured him in Cosmopolitan in 1982 as the winner of Cosmo's 1st Male Centerfold Contest when he was a law student at Boston College. Even then he knew what he stood for and what he was about. He admitted to being patriotic despite the fact that it "wasn't cool" at the time. And, of course, he was hot--and not afraid to show it. How refreshing compared to politicians who pretend to be all modest and pious and then get $400 haircuts and cheat on their wives.

So in the spirit of keeping an open mind, we'd like to invite him to talk to us again about what his plans are -- and reprise his sexy, naked centerfold shot. We'd even settle for just an interview.
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