Monday, January 4, 2010

Michelle Obama on Iron Chef America

If you missed the episode last night (like I did) have no fear. FLOTUS' foray into kitchen stadium is of course available via the web. From WSJ's Speakeasy:

Her royal fabness announces the secret ingredient is “anything from the White House garden.” Yeah, that’s rough. Switch to shots of eggplant, beans, thyme and kohlrabi. Well, if one of them can explain how to use kohlrabi, bring it. She tells them not to ignore sweet potatoes, because the first family is all about the orange spuds.

Mission: Return to kitchen stadium to produce a fantastic meal to inspire America. Flay and Comerford are working together. Lagasse and Batali are coupled. Note how this is neatly appearing right when many
people are writing “eat more veggies and lose weight” on their to-do lists.

There’s lots of rapture over fennel and potatoes and cauliflower. Having personally been in “Kitchen Stadium,” for a cod challenge this summer, I can say that it’s a pretty intense place. When the four
chefs enter, there are platters of various foods, all from within 100 miles of the stadium (which incidentally is in Manhattan), including goat cheese, heritage turkeys, and honey from the White House beehive.
The Chairman, who normally “hosts” the show, is MIA and no one cares. Each team has to produce five dishes, each one highlighting something from the White House garden. The winning team’s charity of choice gets $25,000.

Spolier Alert: The winner is Flay and Comerford by five points. Which is no shock whatsoever because no one is going to diss Michelle Obama and her spinach Popeye arms. But if the goal is to showcase veggies in a healthy environment, maybe next time they should nix the deep fryer, cheese sauces and remoulades and go for a little stir-fry. Haute cuisine, all.

NOTE: Food Network's videos aren't working as of this morning, but I'll post it as soon as it's back up.
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