Friday, January 8, 2010

President Obama May Bump "Lost"/"American Idol"

President Obama got some flack in December when his speech about the war in Afghanistan preempted “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The White House has been floating two dates for the State of the Union address--February 2nd and January 26th. If the rumor that February 2nd will be his SOTU, ABC insiders may tell President Obama to get "Lost." The Wrap is blogging:
February 2nd is the date ABC months ago staked out for the premiere of the final season of "Lost." The White House has already royally peeved the broadcast networks by scheduling so many primetime news conferences and speeches during President Obama's first year in office. But forcing ABC to move "Lost"? Such a move could make the Tea Party protesters look like flies. It could make the wrath of Rush and Drudge look pathetic.
Facebook groups like "Lost" is more important than the State of the Union!!! and ABC: Show "Lost" Instead of the State of the Union" have popped up. And one Twitter fan started a hashtag urging #NoStateofUnionFeb2.

But that's not all! American Idol fans beware. If the SOTU falls on January 26th, Fox has said it's prepared to bump the show for the Pres. More at the New York Post.
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