Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama's Times Square Billboard Taken Down

Weatherproof, the company under fire last week for putting a billboard of President Obama in Times Square, has agreed to take down the ad. The New York Times says the outerwear company came to the decision after speaking with the White House. They issued a statement yesterday saying, “Although Weatherproof believes that it had sufficient legal basis for displaying the billboard, it will be replacing the billboard in order to cooperate with the request of the White House.”

Last week, the White House complained that the image was used without their consent. (PETA faced similar push back from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after unveiling an ad featuring an unauthorized image of Michelle Obama.) The White House doesn't mess around when it comes to using the President or the first family's name and/or image. Retailers trying to profit off the Obama name have had a tough time navigating the White House's stringent rules.

Check out the story at the Media Decoder.
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