Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steele Got Punk'd

RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s been very quiet for the past few weeks, but the blogs are writing this morning about a conversation he had with someone he thought was a donor. Turns out Steele got punked...whoops.

CNN’s Ticker says, “in an unorthodox interview with a conservative journalist posted online Monday, Steele proclaimed that a second term is all but certain - and he brushed aside news of a potential challenge from former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman. "Norm is an old friend. Norm is not going to challenge me for RNC chairman," Steele declared in phone interview with journalist Evan Gahr. Gahr had called Steele at his home posing as a GOP donor. An RNC spokesman verified the authenticity of the July 26 phone call.”

When Gahr revealed he was not a donor towards the end of the phone call he said it was because Steele wouldn’t have spoken with him otherwise. Steele answered, "That's probably true because I'm not doing any interviews. Activists call all the time. They don't try to sneak an interview. That is not kosher."

Sidenote: Evan Gahr reached out to me last week with this story and a transcript of his call with Steele. I couldn't reach the RNC to confirm the call.
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