Wednesday, August 18, 2010

POTUS Causes L.A. Traffic Nightmare

LA commuters must really be frustrated with the Obama administration, because it seems whenever the POTUS or VPOTUS make a quick trip to the City of Angels, it becomes a traffic situation. Variety’s Ted Johnson’s writing, “In a city that practically invented road rage, there are few better ways to trigger ire than an unexpected rush hour road closure, and it certainly didn't help that Obama was going to and from not a public event, but a private fund-raiser with well-heeled donors Monday night. Olympic Boulevard was sealed off for hours as Obama trekked to the home of John Wells, creating a chokehold on parallel streets, including Wilshire Boulevard through the Miracle Mile district." Vice President Biden held up traffic at LAX last month when he flew in to tape an episode of the Jay Leno show.

And speaking of the President’s trip to LA earlier this week, his departure from LAX on Tuesday morning demanded heightened security measures at the airport, and one rock star missed his usual VIP treatment. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Six joked in a tweet: Obama is at LAX and security is taking priority over Motley Crüe. What is our country coming to? ;). Nikki was en route to Chicago where the band was scheduled to play as part of the Ozzfest tour on Tuesday.

More from the Huffington Post:
As the White House tweeted about Potus meeting the Hollywood West Wingers, LA's usually-snarled Westside traffic stood still. Moms and dads couldn't get home. Child care providers raked in the after-hour penalties. The liberals once flooded with hope had nothing but road rage for their inconsiderate president, as they tuned in their car radio to find he was keeping them from their families to raise big bucks for a Congress, which has an approval rating only slightly north of Al Qaeda

The Los Angeles Times headline says it all: "Obama raises a quick million -- and some LA commuters ire."
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