Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Transformers Coming to DC

As Senator Lindsey Graham once put it, “[The President’s] been on every channel but the food network." But can we expect to see the POTUS make a cameo in the third film of the Transformers series? With all the television appearances he's been doing, it wouldn't surprise me. (They could bill the appearance as another economic stimulus for the auto industry!) DCist is blogging, “Michael Bay's next installment of the Transformers franchise is hoping to film on location here in D.C. sometime in September. It's no surprise that the production is reportedly hitting some snags dealing with the National Park Service (Bay apparently wants to film a number of effects-heavy stunts right on the National Mall, so many of the details are predictably still up in the air)." You never know which pols might show up in filming the flick. After all Sen. Patrick Leahy did have a cameo role in The Dark Night.
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