Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Hates the Wave, Lauded by Internet

I didn’t realize something as trivial as participating, or deciding not to participate, in the wave at a baseball game could help the President raise those popularity ratings. Sports Grid is blogging, “The Wave is seen by most as a stadium tradition that’s well past its prime, and Obama’s being roundly praised in the blogosphere for not leaving his seat. He’s even winning a bit of admiration from those who openly admit they and the president don’t generally see eye-to-eye.” Deadspin’s blogging, “The president probably gained a few more votes by refusing to take part in one of the worst stadium traditions. His daughter, on the other hand, needs a firm talking-to.” And Powerline says, “I look for opportunities to praise President Obama, really I do, but they arise very seldom. Today, however, it's hats off to our President. Why?…At some point, Nationals fans started doing the dreaded "Wave." President Obama, to his everlasting credit, looked on disdainfully and refused to participate” has more.
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