Monday, June 7, 2010

The Duggars Make an Endorsement

Here’s a reality show family I never expected to hear get involved in politics—and no, it’s not the Gosselins. The Washington Scene’s blogging, “In what might be the best robo-call opening line this election cycle, TLC star Michelle Duggar tells Arkansas GOP primary voters when they pick up the phone, "Hello, I'm Michelle Duggar, and I'm the mother of 19 children." Duggar stars with her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, in "19 Kids and Counting," and is now endorsing Cecile Bledsoe, a Republican primary candidate in Arkansas's 3rd congressional district, where the Duggars live. Duggar isn't the only big endorsement Bledsoe picked up on Friday: Sarah Palin also endorsed Bledsoe on her Facebook page, calling her a "Commonsense Conservative 'mama grizzly.'"
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