Friday, June 25, 2010

Really? Obama, Lady Gaga compete for Facebook fan record

I want to know which intern at CNN noticed that Gaga and Obama had close to the same amount of friends.

Thanks to CNN for this little nugget:
Lady Gaga and President Obama don't often travel in the same circles, but they're the top competitors in a popularity contest that could have one of them setting a record by this weekend.

Facebook publicists told CNN on Thursday that the pop star and the president are neck-and-neck in the race to become the first living person with more than 10 million fans on the social networking site.

As of early Friday, Obama was in the lead, with 9,058,881 fans. Lady Gaga trailed behind with 9,023,966.

Both of them were more than 4 million fans behind the No. 1 individual, Michael Jackson, who had 13,285,811. The singer died a year ago.
Can the President 'topple' her record? (I couldn't resist)
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