Monday, March 29, 2010

Levi Johnston's Alaska

Anything Sarah can do, Levi can do better?

via Radar Online:
Levi Johnston is shopping his new TV show in an RV, has learned exclusively.

The man/child who nearly made it to the White House as the unwed Baby Daddy of the Vice President’s daughter is bringing his unique style to Hollywood, trying to sell his TV show by pulling up to meetings with cable networks in an RV/Party bus.
Stunt or just keeping it real, you decide.
But either way Levi has meetings scheduled for Monday and is pitching an Alaska-based reality show. A source close to the situation tells the show is currently titled Levin Johnston’s Last Frontier and will show him riding on pimped out snow machines with jet fuel in them.”
Jet fuel? That sounds like something Sarah Palin might want to sneak into the gas tank considering Levi’s confrontational approach to the former Alaska governor plus the fact that he’s behind on child support to Sarah’s daughter Bristol.
But if Levi sells this show he could pay his child support bills and more. The show will also feature Levi hunting, hanging with his pals and is described by one source as “sort of an Entourage on ice.”
Sarah has sold her own reality show and Levi told this weekend that his show will be far better.
His pitch to cable networks will include positioning Levi as “one of the world’s most famous teenagers” and will show parts of his life including “business opportunities, strange offers, appearances and…lots and lots of women.”

The best part of this story? The fact that Johnston's shopping around his show in an RV/party on Levi, party on...
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