Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heidi Montag is Concerned About your Credit Card Rates

The latest video from Funny or Die takes the crusade for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency to a whole new, level. Last week, the comedy site debuted a web video that quickly went viral; featuring a reunion of the past and present Presidents from Saturday Night Live. Somehow director Ron Howard, also behind the presidential reunion, convinced MTV reality star Heidi Montag to make a video using her own plastic surgery as a metaphor for the trap of credit cards on the average consumer. After going on about the ills of fame and credit-card debt, she hops in the tub and urges viewers to call their Senators. I guess Ron Howard is hoping legislators laugh their way to a consumer protection agency.

There's a special thanks to Congressional Oversight Panel Chair, Elizabeth Warren, who inspired Howard to start with the videos.

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