Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carl the Barber

Last week, in the midst of the Massa media blitz, Florida Governor and Senate candidate Charlie Crist took to the airwaves to criticize his primary opponent, Marco Rubio for his frivolous spending on haircuts and possibly back waxing? The St. Petersburg Times’ Adam Smith recently went to visit Crist’s barber, Carl Troupe. He writes, “There's a new sign on the wall: "Back Waxes $130. Three blocks south." Troupe said other customers worried he had hiked his price after reading about Charlie Crist boasting about his $11 hair cut. Nope. It's still $10, and Crist gives one dollar tip. "So people are giving me $12 and saying, "I tip more than the governor," " laughed Troupe.

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