Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah Palin Booed During "Dancing with the Stars?"

During Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance as “special guest commentator,” and of course to support her daughter Bristol. Mediaite says, “Sitting with her second youngest, Piper, cheerfully explained how much she was enjoying seeing the competition. However, it seems that some in the audience may not have been enjoying seeing as there was a loud series of boos right before her appearance."

The boos actually came right before she appeared on camera, presumably while she was taking her place. Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough were discussing their dance as the boos began from the other side of the hall. The contestants looked around anxiously, clearly worried that the vocal displeasure was being made in their direction. It was hushed, however, right before the cameras switched and we saw the former governor.

ABC made a statement on Tuesday denying that the booes were directed at Palin. Conrad Green, executive prodcuer for the show said, " I don't know why everyone booed." He speculated the booing was was because the gallery thought Jennifer Grey deserved 9s for her dance.

“They were just expressing their feelings about a really, really good dance,” a network spokeswoman said. “It’s not at all unusual.”

Who was the audience really booing?

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