Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reax to President Obama's Oval Address

The blogosphere and Twitter were reacting last night to Preisdent Obama’s Oval office address..

This morning, “Obama speech august 31,” “presidential address,” and “Obama Iraq” are still hot searches on Google. But Twitter users didn’t tweet enough about the Prez to keep him a trending topic after last night. Combat mission was trending worldwide for a time. But that doesn’t mean no one was talking about the address.

Senator John McCain tweeted:” I believe the President's artificial date 4 withdrawal from Afghanistan will doom us to failure-our withdrawal must be conditions based only”

Speaker Pelosi said, “As our combat mission ends, I join in thanking those who have served in Iraq-and honor those we've lost”

Sarah Palin said his speech, “may make u dig out ur old Orwell books so rewritten history can be deciphered, depending on who gets credit 4 Iraq surge”

On the blogs, Hot Air’s Allahpundit was less than impressed, saying the President spent too much time talking about the economy last night. He writes, “If he wanted to do the Dems a favor by talking about jobs, why not just give a primetime speech about jobs?” Christine Pelosi, blogging at the Huffington Post suggested President Obama “ditch Mission Accomplished for Shared Sacrifice.” And former Bush speechwriter David Frum was blogging, “Too many messages, too many audiences. Too many hostages to fortune. The president promises both the end of the combat mission – and a commitment to securing Iraq’s future. What happens if those commitments conflict?”
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