Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rahm Can't Go Home...Yet

Who says you can’t go home? How about the tenants currently renting your Chicago residence? Speculation’s been growing that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel could leave the White House as early as this week to run for Mayor of Chicago, but there’s one little snag in his plan—the people living in his Chicago home are refusing to move out early for his return. The Chicago Sun Times’ Michael Sneed’s writing, "the tenant, Robert Halpin, who holds the lease with his wife, Lori, until June 2011, refused to budge....I'm told Rahm and a close lawyer friend made several polite phone calls to Halpin last week, but he bumped up against the wrong guy," said a top Sneed source. "Halpin reportedly conducts his business from the house and his two kids are in school. He doesn't want to move."

Yikes...perhaps they'll let him rent a spare bedroom?

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