Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thad Allen's 'Sexting' During the Briefings

So it wasn't the call screener's fault, but there was an awkward moment during retired Admiral Thad Allen's briefing yesterday.

At one point during Monday's press briefing, while the Admiral discussed the situation surrounding BP’s new well cap, questions were taken via phone. One person who identified themselves as "Anna Bratton from the Associated Press" was next to ask a question, but instead we heard this:

So I'm guessing Admiral Allen's not interested in hearing about 'sexting' cases in New York. The operator dumped the call and proceeded to continue on with the briefing. So what happened exactly? I asked Anna Bratton:
I went to hit my unmute button and accidentally hit the hold button. Instead of hold music, our phones play AP Radio, so you heard a snippet of that. I saw it on the transcript and was confused myself at first. Was mostly just sorry I missed my question!
The audio that was broadcast was a pre-produced wrap by the AP's Warren Levinson on New York state's efforts to rewrite its laws to keep 'sexting' teens out of the web of kiddie porn laws:

Maybe it's time the Admiral's briefings get a little more sexy instead of all this talk about the Q4000 and wellbores!
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